Good stuff for the body & mind

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Good stuff for the body & mind

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Health and Wellness Support During COVID-19

We’re all trying really hard to be healthy and well during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Some days we nail the exercise, eating and mental health stuff. Other days it can feel impossible. We’re here at The Great Kiwi Sleepover to lend a helping hand, whether you’re feeling great or uncertain who to ask for support.

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Food that’ll make you feel good

Tired of the same old recipes? We’ve teamed up with The Food Cruncher (they’re awesome!!) to bring you a whole bunch of recipes for quick, delicious and packed full of goodness meals and smoothies.
Show Me the Recipes

Exercise that’s fun and easy

We've got all types of exercise options for you, from sitting down exercise, backyard exercise, indoor exercise, rainy day exercise... the list goes on. Check it out, peeps!
I Want to Exercise

Mental Health Support

New Zealand has some amazing people and organisations offering mental health support all year round. We need this support more than ever right now.
Mental Health Help
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