Something fresh and homegrown

The guys at Fresh are doing some brilliant work. They have so many recipes for you to get into and improve your cooking game. Thanks, Fresh. You’re awesome.

The tried and trusted NZ favourite: Edmonds

Helping Kiwis in the kitchen since 1908, Edmonds has some excellent tips on their website from how to roast a chicken, to how to bake the perfect cake. We love you, Edmonds!

Cooking shows that’ll get you hooked

When you find a good cooking show, you just want to watch and watch. TVNZ has a great range. Don’t get too comfy though, you’ll need to get up and cook at some point.

The importance of passion

We haven’t got a favourite bank, but thought it would be helpful to have some tips from one. Westpac has a few, including ones around being passionate.