Considered a DIY tiny house?

This isn’t one to build your knowledge bank on practical, DIY stuff, but it’s important. An insight into life in lockdown in a tiny house.

How to patch a scratch in a wall

There’s a lot of content on the Mitre 10 YouTube page to get lost in (in a good way). One of the clips that got our attention is this one.

Avoiding rookie plumbing mistakes

Before you go thinking about DIY plumbing, have a good think about the mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Here’s a head start for your homework.

How to grout

Again, another one to put into practice for after the lockdown is lifted (unless you have the materials already).

How to build a fence

You might already know how to build a fence, or you might want to try one day. Here’s a video from the team at Mitre 10 on how they do it.

How to nail autumn gardening

The New Zealand website Go Gardening has heaps of guidance for gardeners of all levels, including autumn gardening help.

How to repot a plant properly

Something for gardening beginners. The signs that a plant needs repotting, followed by a visual guide on how to do it.

A whole bunch of gardening tips

If you want to view lots of gardening tips, then YouTube is the place to go. Here’s one video with enough to keep you going for a while.